A Day in the Life of a Ketoer

Why would you want to try the ketogenic way of eating? Watch the video below for a glimpse into the day in the life of a committed ketoer! Click to download your FREE "CRACK the Keto CODE" e-book!

The Instinctive Ketoer

This type will want to first understand the underlying theory behind keto in order to become convinced it works and then figure out their own method to adapt their way of eating to fit the model. They may not track their macros precisely but will usually have a pretty good idea if they are in... Continue Reading →

The Inspired Ketoer

The Inspired Ketoer will have a vision of where they want to be in the future, whether it is weight loss or other health improvements, and will be committed to reaching that objective. They will probably want to start with a lot of information and then formulate a plan that will help them to feel... Continue Reading →

The Adventurous Ketoer

This type is willing to try anything once but may become tired with the plan if they don’t see the immediate practical benefit of it. They should watch videos on keto diets and cooking and make use of available technology to be able to see how they are progressing day-to-day. They are more likely to... Continue Reading →

The Planful Ketoer

This type wants data to prove the plan works, along with examples of approved foods, meal plans, and recipes. They should log their meals using a food-tracking app to be sure they are meeting their macros and nutritional needs. They will also find that joining a keto support group online or in person will help... Continue Reading →

Personality Type and Going Keto

We at Willow Tree Training have spent many years working with people to improve their work and personal life through training and coaching. Usually, when we initially sit down with a new client or work with a team, the first thing we do is a personality assessment, using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI©). As certified... Continue Reading →

Why Keto?

Willow Tree Training’s “Life Transformations” series of trainings and coaching focuses on powerful ways to transform your personal life using awareness of your personality type in order to achieve effective health and wellness, communication, time management, and conflict management, among others. Most basic to all of these potential life changers is feeling healthy, energized, and... Continue Reading →

Spock or Troi: Which Are You?

Are you a thinker or a feeler? Well, of course you are both. We all use our brains to logically analyze problems, employ cause-and-effect reasoning, and distinguish between what is true and what is false. Likewise, we all use our hearts to empathize with others, make emotional connections with people, and evaluate between actions that... Continue Reading →

Where Do You Get Your Information?

Much has been written lately about the segmentation of media. People have more choices than ever about where to get their news: besides the traditional outlets of TV and newspapers, consumers can now view blogs, web sites, social media, podcasts, and more. And as the options grow, people are increasingly choosing information that matches their own... Continue Reading →

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