How Are You Savvy?

savvyWe all have areas in our lives that we instinctively seem to excel at more than other folks. Some people may relish working a room and making small talk, while others can concentrate on individual tasks with incredible focus. Details and precision may come easily to you, or you may be great at brainstorming new and inventive ideas. Perhaps your people skills are exemplary, or maybe you can logically analyze any situation to come up with a perfect, elegant solution. Some are born with exceptional organizational skills, while others may have a knack for “winging it.”

You may not have thought much about why you have these skills; they probably have always seemed to be an inherent part of who you are. You may even be surprised when you see others struggle with the very abilities that are so natural to you. Conversely, you might be amazed when you see people effortlessly exhibit behaviors that you often wished you could master. You might have even asked them, “What’s your secret?”

The answer is that we all have our own secret savvy, those talents that we are born with and that are an integral part of our innate personalities.

Swiss psychiatrist Carl G. Jung (1875-1961) was fascinated by the hidden powers of the human psyche and later came to describe the different inborn tendencies, or patterns of normal behavior, that people exhibit. Later, Katharine Cook Briggs (1875-1968) and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers (1897-1980) researched and expounded upon Jung’s theories, applying them in a practical way to help to understand people more effectively. Together, Myers and Briggs created the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) instrument, which been continuously researched and revised for over 60 years, and is now the most widely used instrument for understanding differences in normal personalities.

We at Willow Tree Training & Professional Development have been using the MBTI® for many years to help people identify their natural “savvy,” as well as helping them to recognize and strengthen their blind spots, in order to be the best they can be.

We are starting this blog to provide practical and fun information about personality type that we know you will find illuminating and useful in your personal and work lives.

For more information about us, please visit to see descriptions of the kinds of training and coaching we provide. And check back regularly for ways to discover your own “Savvy Self.”

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