What Does It Mean to Be Savvy?

peopleWhat does it mean to be “savvy”? The dictionary definition says that to be “savvy” means to be “shrewd and knowledgeable; having common sense and good judgment.” We all like to think that we are knowledgeable and have common sense. But as you have probably noticed, different people have different areas of knowledge, and they may have common sense about some things and seem like airheads about others.

That’s because we all have our own areas of expertise. These areas might be related to our jobs or our experience, but some are also spheres where we feel naturally comfortable. And often those intrinsic abilities become our vocations because they come so easily to us.

For example, some folks are born salespeople, easily persuading others with their charm and charisma. This ability was probably apparent even as children – they may have been the kids who always sold the most Girl Scout cookies or newspaper subscriptions. Those kids may have grown up to be actual salespeople, or they learned to leverage that ability to persuade others in a number of other fields.

Where did they learn that savvy? They were probably hardwired through their personality type to enjoy talking with others, reading their reactions, and then adjusting their message accordingly. Because it was a natural talent, they most likely saw positive results from using it, and then they continued to practice those behaviors, thus becoming a savvy salesperson.

So think about it. What skills do you have that you have always found pretty easy? Is it the ability to logically think through a problem to come to a perfect solution? Are you skilled at taking apart machines to see how they work and putting them back together in even better working order? Are you the one who all your friends come to with their problems because you’re such a good listener?

The power of understanding your personality type is the first step in recognizing your own sense of savvy and transforming your life by harnessing those strengths and consciously working on your blind spots to achieve a full-realized, balanced life.

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