Personality Type and Going Keto


We at Willow Tree Training have spent many years working with people to improve their work and personal life through training and coaching. Usually, when we initially sit down with a new client or work with a team, the first thing we do is a personality assessment, using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI©).

As certified MBTI© practitioners, we have assessed hundreds of clients, and in every case, we have found that helping clients to discover their innate personality preferences results in better understanding, more learning, and often breakthroughs in personal awareness of themselves and their relationships with others.

In going through our own ketogenic journeys and reading stories from other ketoers, we have realized that personality type plays a huge part in how people adapt to this life change, what motivates them to keep with it, what can impede their progress, and how they prefer to structure (or not structure) this way of eating.

Most other keto sites emphasize the technical aspects of the ketogenic diet, and some offer coaching that focuses on what to eat and how to maintain macros, but none seem to address the very clear differences in how people want to learn about this way of eating and how they can best make this big life transformation. As we did our own research, we became frustrated that so much of the information out there seemed one-size-fits-all.

So because the keto life style has been such a positive influence for us, and we have seen what a remarkable transition it has created for many others, we knew that we had to provide what no one else seemed to have: a personalized guide for successfully making the transition to a keto way of life.

In our upcoming course, CRACK the Keto CODE, we will walk you through the steps of discovering your own MBTI© personality type, with the option of taking the official Myers-Briggs Type Indicator© and having a live session with a certified MBTI© practitioner. We will also provide you with the five keys that we have discovered will help you to successfully CRACK the Keto CODE.


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