The Adventurous Ketoer


This type is willing to try anything once but may become tired with the plan if they don’t see the immediate practical benefit of it. They should watch videos on keto diets and cooking and make use of available technology to be able to see how they are progressing day-to-day. They are more likely to pay attention to how they feel and what their body is telling them when deciding if they need to make any changes. They will enjoy experimenting with different recipes in order to keep things fun and to avoid boredom. They should reward themselves with non-food treats as they reach various milestones. Going keto with a friend or two, perhaps even making it a competition, will help them to stay motivated and engaged.

Adventurous Ketoers may dive right in to keto with gusto, cleaning out their pantries and immediately buying lots of keto ingredients. They will probably find that discovering fun new recipes will keep them motivated and excited about the plan.

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