The Inspired Ketoer


The Inspired Ketoer will have a vision of where they want to be in the future, whether it is weight loss or other health improvements, and will be committed to reaching that objective. They will probably want to start with a lot of information and then formulate a plan that will help them to feel in control of their diet and well-being. As they begin to feel more comfortable with keto, they will probably relax their plans and tracking a bit and be able to stay keto more intuitively. This type will enjoy marking their milestones and seeing progress toward their goal, which will motivate them to stay on track. They may also find fulfillment in teaching others about keto and helping them to see the same positive results.

Inspired Ketoers may want to start out with the sample meal plan and adapt it as they go along as they discover what they like and where they can experiment. Sharing tips and ideas with new ketoers will help them as they begin this journey.

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