The Instinctive Ketoer

instinctive ketoer

This type will want to first understand the underlying theory behind keto in order to become convinced it works and then figure out their own method to adapt their way of eating to fit the model. They may not track their macros precisely but will usually have a pretty good idea if they are in the ballpark. They may look for recipes online and then adjust them to fit their own tastes, or they may be creative in coming up with their own recipes. They are most likely to be resistant if they are told that something is strictly off-limits, so they may also be most tempted to have cheat days. In order to avoid cheating and stay motivated, this type should continue to remind themselves of their personal commitment to going keto and that they have the power within themselves to stick with it.

Instinctive Ketoers often start out as “lazy ketoers,” meaning they simply begin eating keto foods or trying recipes, but they don’t always track precisely. If this works for them (and sometimes it does!), they will continue to follow their own intuition. But if they plateau before reaching their goal, they may re-evaluate and start to count their macros to get back on track.

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