The Planful Ketoer

planful ketoer

This type wants data to prove the plan works, along with examples of approved foods, meal plans, and recipes. They should log their meals using a food-tracking app to be sure they are meeting their macros and nutritional needs. They will also find that joining a keto support group online or in person will help them to see other people’s past experience with the plan and to feel a part of an organized group. They will be motivated by seeing tangible results either on the scale or in inches lost, so they may be more likely to get discouraged if they reach a plateau. Taking pictures of themselves every couple of weeks will help them to see how far they have come and to give them encouragement. They will benefit from continuing to learn about the other advantages of keto apart from weight loss in order to get through any stalls they may experience.

Planful Ketoers will probably want a meal plan right away so they can be sure they are following the CODE correctly. They may be uncomfortable giving up traditional foods or family recipes, but luckily most recipes can be successfully keto adapted so that they don’t feel like they are missing out. So as they become adapted to keto, these types should explore the many online recipes out there for keto alternatives to their favorite meals.

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