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Willow Tree Training’s “Life Transformations” series of trainings and coaching focuses on powerful ways to transform your personal life using awareness of your personality type in order to achieve effective health and wellness, communication, time management, and conflict management, among others. Most basic to all of these potential life changers is feeling healthy, energized, and good about yourself.

That’s why we are starting with what we know and what we believe in: the ketogenic way of life. Both Jane Jackson and Kristin Kubly, the managing partners of Willow Tree, have been following what we call the ketogenic “CODE” (Commitment of Diet and Exercise) for a while now, and have seen excellent results both in weight loss and in general health factors. After a great deal of research, we have determined that out of all the so-called “diets” out there, the ketogenic CODE is the best option to help you lose weight, while improving both physical and mental health and giving you more constant energy to take on your day.

Having more energy and feeling better about yourself will give you the drive to accomplish all of those other goals you may have and that we are dedicated to helping you with!

But this blog is not just a typical keto primer. Yes, we want to give you the facts about the ketogenic CODE and provide you with sample meal plans and recipes. But the fact is that the keto lifestyle is not one-size-fits-all. Different personality types have different needs, especially when it comes to big life changes such as adjusting to a non-traditional way of eating such as keto. Most ketogenic web sites and blogs put the information out there without taking into consideration that different approaches will help the individuals who are trying to digest all that information be successful.

In our years as educators who train and coach people using personality type, the one truth that we have discovered is that successfully learning anything requires that you adapt the information to fit your individual learning style. In this blog we will introduce you to the four types of ketoers, which represent differences in learning and managing change that we have observed in our years as trainers and educators. In our upcoming CRACK the Keto CODE online course, we will provide you with the Five Keys to CRACK the Keto CODE, and along the way, help you figure out which type of ketoer you are. Once you understand your keto personality, we will provide information and support based on your individual needs. We believe that the combination of the evidence-based ketogenic healthy lifestyle, along with a new awareness of your own personality preferences, is the formula for a successful life transformation!

Click here for “CRACK the Keto CODE,” a free e-book with all the basics of transforming your life with the Keto CODE, including what it is, why it works, approved food lists, a sample diet plan, recipes, a tracking worksheet, and more. But not everyone approaches lifestyle changes the same way – so we also included descriptions of the four kinds of ketoers, with tips for how to approach going keto for each!


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